Ready to start a career in ecommerce?

We began our journey 7 years ago in Bucharest, Romania and since then we delivered millions of green parcels. Our teams made this possible and we would love to have you among them.


Our journey so far

Started in 2010, is one of fastest growing ecommerce company in Romania. We deliver millions of green parcels to hundreds of thousands of customers.

We are headquartered in Bucharest, Romania and have offices in Moldavia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

With a diverse skillset and background, our teams solve new challenges in logistics, purchasing, product development, operations, marketing and customer experience.

We are growing rapidly every year with support from our circle of investors.

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  • 300 team members 🙃
  • over 3.000.000 EUR investment ⚖️
  • more than 2.000.000 orders 📦
  • over 300.000 products 🛍️
  • a network of 35 pick-up points 🏬
  • growing every year ↗️️

We would've never made it so far without our employees. Looking forward to working with you! Check our current openings.

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Dan Vidrascu